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Picture Name Profession Portrayer/Actor
Vince Vega Vince Vega Hitman John Travolta

Vincent "Vince" Vega is a low-rented hitman working for African-American crime boss Marcellus Wallace and the main character of Pulp Fiction. He is the partner in crime with Jules Winnfield. He is laid-back, somewhat sleazy, sarcastic, and sometimes prone of nearly causing dangerous situations, as shown when he accidentally murdered Marvin.

Trivia: He, Marcellus and Mia Wallace, are the only characters to appear in all the film's separate stories.
Running Gag: When Vince uses the bathroom, something bad usually happens, thus including when he found himself in a Mexican standoff at the diner heist, when Mia overdosed from heroin, and finally when he found Butch holding a machine gun before Butch shot and killed him.
Trivia #2: John Travolta's performance in this film earned him his second Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Jules Winnfield Jules Winnfield Hitman Samuel L. Jackson

Julius "Jules" Winnfield is the main deuteragonist and a low-rented hitman working for Marcellus Wallace. He is devout Christian, as he reads Bibles and usually memorizing a Bible speech known as "Ezekiel 25:17" before executing his victims, but his personality is still a stereotypical ordinary black man.

Mia Wallace Mia Wallace Former Actress Uma Thurman

Mia Wallace is the wife of Marcellus Wallace and the main tritagonist. She is a former actress is an apparent cocaine addict, as she occasionally snorts cocaine and she mistakens a stash of heroin as cocaine.

Trivia: She, alongside her husband and Vince, are the only characters to appear in all the film's separate stories, though she made a cameo in both "The Gold Watch" and "The Bonnie Situation".

NO PHOTO YET! Butch Coolidge Boxer Bruce Willis
Butch Coolidge is a major character in the film. He is a prizefighter who has an upcoming match with Floyd Wilson. He agrees with Marcellus to throw the fight with Butch being bribe with an envelope of money. Unfortunately, Butch ends up beating Floyd to death during the match and is committed on a bounty by Marcellus.