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The Bonnie Situation is the third story of Pulp Fiction.

Bonnie Situation

Blood-soaked Vincent and Jules


When Vince accidentally shoots and kills Marcellus' informant, Marvin, the two goes to a friend name Jimmie's home and Marcellus sends a professional problem solver to give aid to the two before Jimmie's wife comes home.


The story starts with a man with a large magnum revolver in his hand, hiding in the bathroom as he listens to Jules berating Brett and later memorizing the "Ezekiel 25:17" Bible speech. Jules and Vince then executes Brett, much to Marvin's horror and the man's surprise. Marvin begins to utter under his breath. Jules relunctly introduces Vincent to Marvin, as Vince asks Jules to tell Marvin to be quiet, in which he does so. The man in the bathroom comes out, yelling "Die, you motherf**kers...DIE!". He opens fire wildly and unloads his bullets at the two hitmen. However, the man forms a shocking expression and the two hitmen finds themselves unharmed from the gunfire before they return fire, killing the man. Vince asks Marvin why he had forgotten to remind the two about the man with a "goddamn handcannon" hiding the bathroom. Jules comments about his magnum is larger than the man. He then examines the bullets in the wall and he believes that it was a divine intervention, meaning that God had came down from Heaven and had prevented the bullets from hitting both of them. Vince then reminds Jules that they must leave, but Jules refuses to ignore the "miracle", with Vince responding that "shit happens" and that they can end up in prison if they don't leave soon. Jules tells Vince that it was a miracle and that he wants Vince to acknowledge it, so Vince leaves, along with Marvin.

In the car, Vince talks about "COPS" of an incident of a cop unloading on a criminal. Jules makes a comment and tells Vince that he considers himself as "retired", since he is planning to quit. Vince asks him why he is worried, as Jules requests "I'm telling Marcellus today. I'm through". Vince says that he bets that Marcellus about to laugh when Jules encounters him, with Jules saying that doesn't care. Vince then asks Marvin about recalling the divine intervention with an expressive opinion. Marvin responds "Man, I don't even have an opinion." Vince turns around and says that Marvin must have an opinion. As Vince is about to finish his remaining sentence, Vince's gun goes off, accidentally killing Marvin with a shot into the head. This leads for him with his remains of his head, since his body is now headless, and spraying tons of blood on the duo and inside the entire car.